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 Past article: 2019-2-22
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アドビが "サポート情報/チュートリアル" に以下を追加しました(更新を含む)。(2/22)
[Campaign] Data acquisition
[Campaign] Managing profiles
[Campaign] Monitoring and tracking
[Campaign] Personalization
[ColdFusion] ColdFusion Builder(2018年リリース)更新プログラム(Update 1)
[Creative Suite] Creative Suite 6アプリケーションのダウンロード
[Illustrator] [基本操作] いろいろな模様を作ってみよう(パスの変形)
[Illustrator] [基本操作] 線を破線に変更するには
[Illustrator] [基本操作] 旗の上に文字を入れよう(エンベロープ)
[Illustrator] [基本操作] 文字や図形を使って図形を切り抜くには(クリッピングマスク)
[Photoshop Elements] インストールのトラブル対処方法(macOS版Photoshop Elements 14/15/2018/2019)
[Photoshop Elements] インストールのトラブル対処方法(Windows版Photoshop Elements 14/15/2018/2019)
[Photoshop Elements] システムエラーのトラブル対処方法(macOS版Adobe Photoshop Elements 14/15/2018/2019)
[Premiere Elements] インストールのトラブル対処方法(macOS版Adobe Premiere Elements 14/15/2018/2019)

×[Acrobat] PDFファイル内の画像を書き出す方法(Acrobat DC)
×[Acrobat/Reader] Windows 10でAcrobatまたはReaderをPDFファイルのデフォルトのオーナーにする
×[After Effects] 3Dタイトルをアニメーションで表示
×[After Effects] After Effectsチュートリアル
×[After Effects] YouTube用のビデオのレンダリング
×[After Effects] インフォグラフィックのアニメーション化
×[After Effects] カメラのアニメーション化
×[After Effects] 手書きのタイトルの作成
×[Camera Raw] Adobe Camera Raw CCの新機能 *2019-2/​2018-12/​2018-10
×[Camera Raw] RAW画像のディテールの強化
×[Campaign] Abandonment Triggers use cases
×[Campaign] About access management
×[Campaign] About Administrating Adobe Campaign
×[Campaign] About Adobe Experience Cloud Triggers
×[Campaign] About audiences
×[Campaign] About Campaign - Analytics integration
×[Campaign] About Campaign - Audience Manager or People core service integration
×[Campaign] About Campaign - Points of Interest data integration
×[Campaign] About Campaign - Target integration
×[Campaign] About Campaign integrations
×[Campaign] About channel activities
×[Campaign] About channel configuration
×[Campaign] About data import and export
×[Campaign] About data management activities
×[Campaign] About direct mail
×[Campaign] About dynamic reports
×[Campaign] About email content design
×[Campaign] About emails
×[Campaign] About execution activities
×[Campaign] About extending the API
×[Campaign] About In-App messaging
×[Campaign] About landing page content design
×[Campaign] About landing pages
×[Campaign] About opt-in and opt-out in Campaign
×[Campaign] About personalization
×[Campaign] About profiles
×[Campaign] About profiles and audiences
×[Campaign] About push notifications
×[Campaign] About scheduling messages
×[Campaign] About sending messages with Campaign
×[Campaign] About SMS and push content design
×[Campaign] About SMS messages
×[Campaign] About subscriptions
×[Campaign] About targeting activities
×[Campaign] About templates
×[Campaign] About the interface
×[Campaign] About tracked URLs
×[Campaign] About transactional messaging
×[Campaign] About typology rules
×[Campaign] Accessing messages
×[Campaign] Active profiles
×[Campaign] Adding a content block
×[Campaign] Adding components
×[Campaign] Adding panels
×[Campaign] Adding Target dynamic content
×[Campaign] Adding visualizations
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign - FDA - Teradata
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Administrating
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Communication Channels
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Designing content
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Developing
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Getting started
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Integrating with Adobe Cloud
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Managing processes and data
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Profiles and audiences
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Release Notes
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Reporting
×[Campaign] Adobe Campaign Standard - Sending messages
×[Campaign] Advanced expression editing
×[Campaign] AND-join
×[Campaign] Auditing export logs
×[Campaign] Bounce summary
×[Campaign] Branding
×[Campaign] Breakdown by domains
×[Campaign] Building a workflow
×[Campaign] Campaign Classic: テクニカルノート
×[Campaign] Campaign Classic互換性マトリックス
×[Campaign] Campaign dimensions and metrics in Analytics
×[Campaign] Campaign orchestration
×[Campaign] Campaign Standard: テクニカルノート
×[Campaign] Changing a landing page form data properties
×[Campaign] Compatible browsers
×[Campaign] Complaints
×[Campaign] Computing the sending date
×[Campaign] Configure Campaign - Analytics integration
×[Campaign] Configuring Campaign - Points of Interest data integration
×[Campaign] Configuring email channel
×[Campaign] Configuring SMS channel
×[Campaign] Configuring the Campaign - Target integration
×[Campaign] Configuring transactional messaging
×[Campaign] Configuring Triggers in Experience Cloud
×[Campaign] Confirming the send
×[Campaign] Content design best practices
×[Campaign] Control rules
×[Campaign] Creating a Campaign form in Experience Manager
×[Campaign] Creating a custom profile dimension
×[Campaign] Creating a multilingual email
×[Campaign] Creating a multilingual push notification
×[Campaign] Creating a multilingual template
×[Campaign] Creating a new template
×[Campaign] Creating a service
×[Campaign] Creating an email
×[Campaign] Creating an SMS message
×[Campaign] Creating audiences
×[Campaign] Creating profiles
×[Campaign] Creating the direct mail
×[Campaign] Customizing a push notification
×[Campaign] Customizing an In-App message
×[Campaign] Customizing lists
×[Campaign] Data model concepts
×[Campaign] Data storage and reconciliation
×[Campaign] Deduplication
×[Campaign] Defining a visibility condition
×[Campaign] Defining dynamic text
×[Campaign] Defining dynamic content in a landing page
×[Campaign] Defining dynamic content in an email
×[Campaign] Defining import templates
×[Campaign] Defining the direct mail audience
×[Campaign] Defining the direct mail content
×[Campaign] Defining the email structure
×[Campaign] Defining the report period
×[Campaign] Delivery summary
×[Campaign] Delivery throughput
×[Campaign] Designing a landing page
×[Campaign] Designing an A/B test email
×[Campaign] Designing content in Adobe Campaign
×[Campaign] Direct mail delivery
×[Campaign] Discovering communication channels
×[Campaign] Discovering workflows
×[Campaign] Documentation Updates
×[Campaign] Editing email styles
×[Campaign] Editing existing contents with the Email Designer
×[Campaign] Editing profiles
×[Campaign] Editing queries
×[Campaign] Email delivery
×[Campaign] Email rendering
×[Campaign] Enrichment
×[Campaign] Event transactional messages
×[Campaign] Example of direct mail in a workflow
×[Campaign] Example: Email personalization
×[Campaign] Exclusion
×[Campaign] Executing a workflow
×[Campaign] Exporting lists
×[Campaign] Exporting logs
×[Campaign] External accounts
×[Campaign] External signal
×[Campaign] Extract file
×[Campaign] Fatigue rules
×[Campaign] Filtering rules
×[Campaign] Follow-up messages
×[Campaign] Fork
×[Campaign] Hot clicks
×[Campaign] How-to videos
×[Campaign] Identifying opt-out profiles for a delivery
×[Campaign] Importing content from a file
×[Campaign] Importing content from a URL
×[Campaign] Importing data with import templates
×[Campaign] Importing data
×[Campaign] In-App delivery
×[Campaign] Incremental query
×[Campaign] Indicator calculation
×[Campaign] Inserting a link
×[Campaign] Inserting a personalization field
×[Campaign] Inserting images
×[Campaign] Integrated customer profile
×[Campaign] Integrating with Adobe solutions
×[Campaign] Integrating with Experience Manager
×[Campaign] Interface description
×[Campaign] Intersection
×[Campaign] Key steps to send a message
×[Campaign] Landing page content editor interface
×[Campaign] Licenses
×[Campaign] List of components
×[Campaign] List of functions
×[Campaign] List of roles
×[Campaign] Load file
×[Campaign] Managing groups and users
×[Campaign] Managing incoming SMS
×[Campaign] Managing landing page structure and style
×[Campaign] Managing opt-in and opt-out in Campaign
×[Campaign] Managing packages
×[Campaign] Managing test profiles and sending proofs
×[Campaign] Marketing activities
×[Campaign] Message dashboard
×[Campaign] Modifying images with the Adobe Creative SDK
×[Campaign] Monitoring a delivery
×[Campaign] Monitoring data model changes
×[Campaign] Monitoring subscriptions
×[Campaign] Non-deliverables and bounces
×[Campaign] Opens
×[Campaign] Optimizing the sending time
×[Campaign] Organizational units
×[Campaign] Personalizing an image source
×[Campaign] Personalizing Campaign messages with Point of Interest data
×[Campaign] Personalizing SMS messages
×[Campaign] Personalizing the sender
×[Campaign] Personalizing the subject line of an email
×[Campaign] Personalizing URLs
×[Campaign] Preparing and sending a push notification
×[Campaign] Preparing and sending an In-App message
×[Campaign] Preparing the send
×[Campaign] Previewing messages
×[Campaign] Profile transactional messages
×[Campaign] Programs and campaigns
×[Campaign] Promoting a service
×[Campaign] Provisioning and configuring integration with Audience Manager or People core service
×[Campaign] Push notification delivery
×[Campaign] Push notification report
×[Campaign] Query
×[Campaign] Read audience
×[Campaign] Receiving alerts when failures happen
×[Campaign] Reconciliation
×[Campaign] Release Notes
×[Campaign] Reporting interface
×[Campaign] Resource statuses
×[Campaign] Return to sender
×[Campaign] Save audience
×[Campaign] Scheduler
×[Campaign] Segmentation
×[Campaign] Selecting an audience in a message
×[Campaign] Selecting an existing content
×[Campaign] Sending messages at the recipient's time zone
×[Campaign] Setting up a double opt-in process
×[Campaign] Setting up image properties
×[Campaign] Sharing a landing page
×[Campaign] Sharing audiences with Audience Manager or People core service
×[Campaign] SMS and push content editor interface
×[Campaign] SMS delivery
×[Campaign] SMS report
×[Campaign] Start and end
×[Campaign] Step 1: Add extension fields to the profile resource
×[Campaign] Step 2: Publish the extension
×[Campaign] Step 3: Verify the extension
×[Campaign] Step-by-step guides
×[Campaign] Subscription Services
×[Campaign] Target mappings in Campaign
×[Campaign] Targeting data
×[Campaign] Technical workflows
×[Campaign] Testing your triggers
×[Campaign] Timeline
×[Campaign] Tracking indicators
×[Campaign] Tracking messages
×[Campaign] Transactional push notifications
×[Campaign] Transfer file
×[Campaign] Troubleshooting
×[Campaign] Types of users
×[Campaign] Understanding delivery failures
×[Campaign] Understanding quarantine management
×[Campaign] Union
×[Campaign] Unsubscriptions
×[Campaign] Update data
×[Campaign] URLs and click streams
×[Campaign] Using a template
×[Campaign] Using Triggers in Campaign
×[Campaign] Using workflow data
×[Campaign] Wait
×[Campaign] Workflow data and processes
×[Campaign] Workflow interface
×[Campaign] Workflow operating principles
×[Campaign] Working with Campaign and Assets core service
×[Campaign] シーケンスの自動生成
×[Campaign] ワークフローインポートのベストプラクティス
×[Creative Cloud] 2台目のコンピューターにインストールする方法(Creative Cloud)
×[Creative Cloud/Document Cloud] 機械学習に関するFAQ
×[Enterprise/Group Ed.] Adobe Stockグループ版
×[Illustrator] Illustratorチュートリアル
×[Illustrator] アートワークをねじ曲げて様々なポーズを作り出す
×[Illustrator] アイコンのセットを作成する
×[Illustrator] 作業効率が劇的に上がる! Creative Cloudライブラリを使った直しに強い素材管理方法
×[Illustrator] ソーシャルメディア用のバナーをデザインする
×[Illustrator] モダンで幾何学的なロゴをデザインする
×[Illustrator] ワインのオリジナルラベルをデザインする
×[InDesign] InDesignチュートリアル
×[InDesign] 雑誌のような要約見出しを作成する
×[InDesign] テキストに装飾的なドロップキャップを追加する
×[InDesign] パーソナライズされたお礼カードの作成
×[InDesign] レトロなテキストスタイルを作成する
×[InDesign] ワードマークをデザインする
×[Lightroom] Lightroom CCの体験版をLightroom 6ライセンス版に切り替える
×[Lightroom] Photoshop Lightroomのダウンロード
×[Lightroom] レンズのほこりを除去する
×[Lightroom Classic] 秋の風景写真の色を変更
×[Lightroom Classic] 周辺光量補正で写真を加工する
×[Lightroom Classic] 露出オーバーの写真を修正する
×[Photoshop] Photoshop CCの既知の問題
×[Photoshop] シーンに特殊効果を追加する
×[Photoshop] 写真を手彩色アート風に仕上げる
×[Photoshop] 風景に要素を追加する
×[Premiere Pro] Premiere Pro CCにおける既知の問題
×[Premiere Pro] Premiere Proチュートリアル
×[Premiere Pro] Premiere Proのバージョン13.xリリースで修正されたバグ *2019-2/​2018-12/​2018-11…
×[Premiere Pro] アクションシーケンスの作成
×[Premiere Pro] 映像素材のプロパティの変更
×[Premiere Pro] 回転するグラフィックのアニメーション化
×[Premiere Pro] クリップにLookを追加する
×[Premiere Pro] シーンでクリップのカラーを合わせる
×[Premiere Pro] 複数のクリップ形式を1つのシーケンスで組み合わせる
×[Premiere Pro] 複数のメディアタイプの読み込み
×[Premiere Pro] 問題のある映像素材をクリエイティブに活用
×[Premiere Pro] リリースノート | Premiere Pro CC
×[Sign] Salesforceですでに送信済みの契約書に対して, データマッピングを開始するにはどうすればよいですか | Adobe Sign
×[Stock] クレジットパック
×[Stock Contributor] 支払を受け取る
×[XD] Adobe XDチュートリアル
×[XD] UIキットの絵文字を使用したプロトタイプの作成
×[XD] UIスイッチの作成
×[XD] アニメーションモバイルメニューの作成
×[XD] インタラクティブなプレゼンテーションの作成と共有
×[XD] スライドショーの作成
×[XD] 複数のデバイス用のwebヘッダーのデザイン
アップルが "サポート情報" に以下を追加しました(更新を含む)。(2/22)
×[HT201250] Time MachineでMacをバックアップする
×[HT201624] ビンテージ製品とオブソリート製品
×[HT202178] iPhone, iPad, iPod touchのキーボード設定について
×[HT203981] バックアップからMacを復元する
×[HT204025] iCloud Driveを設定する
×[HT206638] Apple Payに対応しているアジア太平洋地域の銀行とカード発行元
×[HT206984] 携帯電話サービスのプロバイダを通じたApple Musicのキャリア決済について
×[HT206996] Macストレージの空き領域を増やす方法
×[HT207021] iPhoneのヘルスケアAppでメディカルIDを設定する
×[HT208849] macOS High Sierra 10.13.5, セキュリティアップデート2018-003 Sierra, セキュリティアップデート2018-003 El Capitanのセキュリティコンテンツについて
×[HT209443] iOS 12.1.3のセキュリティコンテンツについて
×[HT209447] tvOS 12.1.2のセキュリティコンテンツについて
×[HT209449] Safari 12.0.3のセキュリティコンテンツについて
×[HT209450] iTunes for Windows 12.9.3のセキュリティコンテンツについて
×[HT209451] Windows用iCloud 7.10のセキュリティコンテンツについて
×[HT209454] iCloudの写真やビデオをダウンロードする
マイクロソフトが "サポート技術情報" に以下を追加しました(更新を含む)。(2/22)
[4133314] Exchange Onlineで異なる地域にホスティングされているメールボックスに対してコマンドレットを実行すると "…メールボックスに接続できません" というエラーメッセージが返される

×[2563324] Microsoft Exchange ActiveSyncおよびサードパーティのデバイスに関する現在の問題
×[3185078] Office 365スイートに関して半期チャネルから月次チャネルに切り替える方法
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